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CastleCom: Best provider of VOIP and SIP Telephones, Samsung Dealer and LAN Cabling in Haliburton, Minden, Bobcaygeon and Lindsay

We give the highest quality in business communication systems through innovative technology, products, services and support that ensure success. We offer extensive voice and data communications services. Today, phone systems are a crucial piece of technology within any business, enabling the smooth running of communications between customers and staff.

Castle Voice & Data Communications Inc. offers a comprehensive range of communication solutions and services for various Samsung telephones systems, VOIP and SIP telephones communications. We offer a full range of voice and data services for small to large businesses including structured LAN cabling, wireless networks, VoIP systems and much more. Castle Voice & Data Communications Inc. is your one stop shop for all of your business voice and data solutions and the best in quality and customer satisfaction. Our services cover Haliburton, Minden, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay and surrounding areas. We are committed to bringing a high quality experience to our clients. Our goal is to empower you with technology and services to support your end-to-end communications needs for the long term. Our consumer solutions range from cellular telephone applications, LAN cabling, paging, security alarm systems and VoIP digital phone services. Call a dealer to determine the best system for your needs. We proudly serve Ontario, Haliburton, Minden, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay and nearby areas.

Samsung Telephone Systems - For All Your Business Phone System Communications Needs

A Samsung Telephone System is the ideal phone system for your business in terms of flexibility, ease of use and expandability. Your business would benefit from the wide range of features that are available on a Samsung Telephone System. Samsung VOIP and SIP phones can make your business more efficient, collaborative and agile with enhancing productivity and communication among employees and off-site colleagues while helping to reduce costs.
Castle Voice & Data Communications Inc. has operated throughout Haliburton, Minden, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay and surrounding areas. We provide sales, service and support for business telephones systems, VOIP and SIP solutions, voice and LAN data cabling for commercial and residential areas. We take pride in helping our customers take advantage of the many technological advances available in telecommunications today. This is a complex industry and we recognize that businesses need an experienced communications specialist they can trust.

We have assembled a team of highly trained, experienced dealers and reliable certified technicians. We are uniquely qualified to serve your individual needs – now and in the future, keeping pace with your voice and data communication needs as your business grows. For a comprehensive analysis of your specific telecommunications needs – at no charge – please give us a call.


Wide Selection of Telephone Equipment

Choose from various, advanced two-user phone systems to multi-feature telephone systems. CastleCom has partnered with world-leading manufacturers of business telephone systems and telephones to give you only the best and cost-effective equipment in the market.


Comprehensive Telephone Services

Get the best telephone services and do business smoothly and without interruptions. CastleCom offers a full range of telecommunication solutions for any business of any size – small, medium-sized, or a large company.

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Advanced Telephone Features

Maximize productivity and profit by taking advantage of the newest technologies in voice and data communication. Choose from a variety of telephone features to suit you unique business needs, preferences, and requirements:

  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Line Porting
  • VoIP (Voice over internet protocol)
  • IVR (interactive voice response) or auto attendants
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Phonebook Listing